The Rasin Lespwa Library of Darbonne, 19 years of existence

Rasin Lespwa intThe Rasin Lespwa Library of Darbonne organized a range of activities in April 2016 under the theme "Literature and dictatorships" as part of the celebration of its 19 years of existence.

Thus, Saturday, April 16, 2016, the library welcomed Professor Patrice Dumont, the guest of honor of the celebration, for a conference.  On April 17 and 24, the library organized exchange workshops with youth groups.  On April 2016, 22 and 29, the library had a reading workshop for teachers and school child care workers of Darbonne,  Deslandes,and  Santo schools. To conclude this series of activities dedicated to reading and books organized on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the Rasin Lespwa Library, sessions of questions and answers and various activities are planned.

This series of activities began Saturday, April 2 with a debate tournament at the Lycée Anacaona Leogane under the theme "When democracy is in danger."  April 5, 2016 was the opening of the exhibition of texts and books on dictatorship followed by a press conference. From April 6 to 29, the library presented "The dictatorship told to children," a set of directed readings.

The Lespwa Rasin Library was started in Narbonne, a section of Leogane in 1997 as a center of documentation and public reading at the initiative of a group of young members of the literary, artistic and cultural club, RALE. Since then, it began to serve the community by providing support to schoolchildren in surrounding areas. Thanks to technical and financial support from its partners, including FOKAL, the Rasin Lespwa Library has kept on course by organizing socio-cultural activities at the library and diversifying its collection in order to accommodate a much larger audience

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