FOKAL Haiti Relief : Support for organizations in the Southern Peninsula of Haiti

Relief FOKAL earthquakeIn the face of the catastrophic August 14, 2021, 7.2 magnitude earthquake that affected the entire Southern Peninsula of Haiti, FOKAL is able to receive donations to channel funds to smallholder farmers associations, grassroots women’s organizations and small local ethical enterprises that are the true first responders on the ground as well as the best agents to strengthen grassroots network, self-care communities, local advocacy and economic recovery.

After the 2016 hurricane Matthew, FOKAL was very successful in managing emergency funds that were immediately directed to a historically marginalized grassroots network of smallholder farmers, cocoa growers, dairy farmers, and micro agrobusinesses. This network is already mobilized in the wake of the earthquake and can be trusted to activate the best immediate response as well as accompany recovery.

FOKAL is able to account transparently on the funds received for this emergency. Our US charity Ayiti Demen (NY based 501c3) can receive tax deductible funds to that effect. FOKAL, a 26 year old Haitian foundation with impeccable track record for multi-funder management, member of the international network of Open Society Foundations, OSF, also benefits from the Equivalency Determination enabling it to receive funds directly as the equivalent of a US charity.

Typical post disaster program:

1) First phase: Provide immediate support to 20+ grassroots organizations and small enterprises engaged in fair trade through monitored cash transfers to help their members (approximately 7000 families) get out of their current state of utter destitution (build shelter and plant quick growing crops).

2) Second phase: provide assistance to recapitalize the grassroots organizations and small businesses to start regaining full production capacity.

3) Third parallel phase: Starting immediately, back advocacy efforts for water treatment (avoid resurgence of cholera for example); consolidate local voices for farmers’ rights; and help local human rights organizations focus on rights linked to reconstruction. Build channels of communication with supportive diaspora networks.




You can also donate via your bank account or check : 

Banking details for Fondation Connaissance et liberté - FOKAL

Beneficiary Name: Fondation Connaissance et Liberté

Address: PO Box 2720

143, Ave Christophe

Country: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Account number: 141-1022-1244226

Name of beneficiaries banking using relationship


Address: 157, Rue Faubert

Country: Petion Ville, Haiti SWIFT/BIC code: UBNKHTPP


                                                  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your SUPPORT !


More about Ayiti Demen:

Contact and address

143, Avenue Christophe BP 2720 HT 6112
Port-au-Prince,Haïti | Tel : (509) 2813-1694

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