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Workshop on first aid and risk and disaster management for young people


Workshop on first aid and risk and disaster management for young peopleOn Saturday, November 10, 2012, the FOKAL program Youth Initiative (PIJ) launched a series of workshops on the management of risks and disasters and on first aid in case of catastrophe. Those workshops are being offered by «Groupe des Citoyens Concernés» (Group of Concerned Citizens) a Haitian organisation, leader in this type of education. They will reach 300 young people, members of 14 clubs, from all around the country. The Christ-Roi and Mid-Town clubs were first to follow the workshop on November 10 at FOKAL.


The goal of this workshop is to ensure a better preparation of our youth in case of disasters by teaching ways to administer first aid in case of earthquakes, floods and fires. The program is based on the analysis of risk, community preparation in case of disasters, giving of first aid and teaching others in the community.


The workshop is given in two parts. The first is about first aid and first response and will go on for the next 5 weeks, from November to December 2012, two days a week, given on weekends. The GCC will travel to Cap-Haîtien, Gros-Morne, Fond-Parisien, Martissant, Côte-Plage, Mon Repos, Darbonne, Jacmel, Aux cayes, Camp-Périn and Jérémie where the different clubs are located. The second part of the workshop will be centered on the comprehension and management of risks and disasters; it will be held during the next debate camp to be held in 2013 where all clubs will be represented. First aid kits will also be distributed to all clubs.