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Martissant: Scholarship program meeting

Martissant Meeting about scholarshipsSince 2008, FOKAL has been running a scholarship program in Martissant for pupils of excellence. Through this program, started as part of the urban revitalisation program, FOKAL finances school fees for more than a hundred students of the Martissant neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. An ongoing dialogue has been established between the foundation, the parents and the school directors as part of the programme. As such, a series of meetings are planned through the year, of which the two most important are held at the start and the end of the school year.


«Let’s all of us be responsible; this ensures success». This was the main message of Mme. Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis, president of FOKAL, who spoke at the meeting launching the 2012-2013 school year that was held in the gardens of Martissant park, Saturday, October 20. Parents and directors all participated in this meeting launching the school year for those benefiting from this program.


During her speech, Lorraine Mangonès, executive director at FOKAL, reminded the foundation’s mission and all that has been achieved in this marginalized neighbourhood. Concrete results are expected by the FOKAL staff through its many activities, most notably those seen as urgent in the management scheme presented to the Haitian State through the Ministry of Public Works, Transport, Communications and Energy (MTPTCE) and financed by the French development agency (AFD).


After four years of this program, Mme. Michèle Pierre-Louis highlighted the main elements of the program and invited parents and directors to respect these conditions. A minimum average of 6.5/10 is needed as a condition for admitting and maintaining the children in the program and a signed honor’s declaration by parents and directors of participating schools is required. It is also important that books given out to students be well treated so they can be used again by other students.


Parents and directors were very satisfied as to how the program has been managed for the past four years. They all hope that many other children will profit from this program in coming years. For his part, Shaley Fortuné, director of the Octanes Deslouches Institution, newly admitted to the program, asked his peers to seize the opportunity offered by this FOKAL program, to work at increasing the level of education in Martissant.


The agronomist Edson Lubin, head of the waste management program for Martissant, which is financed by the European Union, acknowledged how well the program has been integrated into schools by the directors. In addition to educational talks and the reinforcement of student hygiene committees in the schools, a special point will be made this year, on the use of garbage cans which have been distributed. This will be done by the support staff in each school.


The showing of many documentaries on the subject of garbage management will help educate students and staff. It is worth noting that an inquiry into the physical structures of schools by M. Lubin will soon be announced.


Eddy Robenson

Social animator

Fokal/Martissant Park